Staging ShelvesI am residential Interior Designer based out of Los Angeles.

I love what I do, and I believe it should be possible for everyone to benefit from the use of an interior designer or decorator. Many of my clients are working class families that simply need help guiding them in the right direction. I don’t believe that only the wealthy should be able to afford great designers, and I think that this service should be a luxury that more people can enjoy.

All of my services include an initial free, no obligation design consultation. This gives you and I a better understanding of your needs.

Space Planning

Everyone should use the space they have in a way that promotes the functionality of each room. With the help of simple space planning, you can gain a proper set up to fit your needs. With the dimensions and an idea of what your looking for, I can create options for you to see your room at its best. This is the most straightforward way to use a designer effectively.

Staged DeskDesign & Decor Services

I am able to work on small or large scale home designs for those that want a more unique sense of style. All projects start off with an initial meeting, and we can decide on the scope of the project.

We plan out the development of a project and focus on the elements needed to acquire the design you want. This includes everything from space planning, to finishes, to shopping. The most important service I can provide you is the ability to visualize the design as we move through each step.

My rates vary depending on the scope of each individual project. No two projects are alike, and I understand your needs can be completely unique. If you are interested, or simply have questions, I hope to hear from you.

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