10 Etsy artists you must discover

There are so many incredible artists out there, it seems a shame to put up some commercial pieces that thousands of other people have up too. I fully understand that it can be way too expensive for some of us to have something so unique. Or, I know that it is just plan hard to find great artists out there who’s work you truly enjoy. Trust me when I say Etsy is a great source for unique inexpensive art. I absolutely love these 10 artists and I want you to discover their incredible creativity.

Jaime Derringer

Jaime Derringer is an abstract artist out of San Diego. All of her prints are painted using acrylic paint onto canvas. You can find more prints on Etsy at her shop, Jaime Derringer.

Amanda Blake

Blake works with oil paint onto wood. She focuses on people and uses a dreamlike narrative in each piece that she does. Her shop is This is All I Know.

Kai Samuels-Davis

I have featured Kai’s work on the site before, in a Discovered Artist article. His technique and subjects are very alluring. They are
dark, and absolutely pull you in. You can purchase prints of his actual work at his Etsy shop Kai Samuels Davis.

Britt Hermann

Focuses on floral arrangements in a very distinct way. The contrast of dark and vibrant colors is part of the incredible charm in Britt’s prints. See more at Britt Hermann on Etsy.

Peggy Wolf

Peggy is an artist out of Germany and is quite talented. She focuses on women, and always depicts them in many different ways. You can find her shop titled Peggy Wolf Design and get just about any size you may need.

Bethany Helzer

Photographer Bethany Helzer sells her prints under the name Riot Jane. She has an eye for the unique, and clearly enjoys colors that are subdued and pastel. She likes to focus on “the world of the forgotten”.

Shana Bearden

If you like retro prints, you will love Shana’s shop Fat Eye Design. She uses colors and patterns that are screaming mid century. She offers framed prints that would work well together, or paired with any other prints.

Jennifer Boswell

The Jennifer Boswell shop has a great deal of abstract and landscape oil paintings on canvas. She only offers originals for sale. Which means you will have a truly unique piece of art. This has to be incredibly appealing to many of you.

Boyoun Kim

If you enjoy screen prints, you will thoroughly enjoy these little creations from Boyounillo. Kim is a New York based designer who creates screen prints. Each print incorporates such fun and bright colors.

Searan Kiledjian

Etsy shop Seardig is only going to inspire you to want to travel. Her images are from around the world, and she tends to focus on gorgeous architectural elements. The settings in each image are always so perfect, and serene.

Written by Rhiannon Gillis. Rhiannon is a designer based out of Los Angeles and writes for the design blog RhiannonsInteriors.com

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