Before you start to wonder why I am suddenly obsessed with children’s nursery’s and play things, I thought I’d fill you in. Turns out my husband and I are expecting baby number 2 at the end of August. We are crazy excited and can’t wait to expand our little family.

Gonna be a big sister

I will try not to bombard you with baby and kid posts too much. I can’t make any promises.

We don’t know whether or not we’re having a boy or girl yet. Be sure I’ll be sharing that with you once I find out. My daughter Abby has already confirmed that it has to be a girl because she needs a little sister. So, we’ll see what happens.

It’s been about 4 year since I’ve gone through the pregnancy with my daughter, and I am surprisingly excited to go through it again. Clearly I will no doubt feel differently about it in month 39. Specifically when I’m unable to sleep, or go 10 minutes without complaining about how hungry I am.

For now I can just say that myself, my husband Lane, my daughter Abby, and our little dog Margot, are preparing for the many changes we have coming our way and cannot wait to meet the little guy or girl that is presently growing inside my tum tum.

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Written by Rhiannon Gillis. Rhiannon is a designer based out of Los Angeles and writes for the design blog RhiannonsInteriors.com

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